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Options saved.

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Ultimate Plugins Smart Update Pinger

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URIs to Ping

The following services will automatically be pinged/notified when you publish normal or future timestamped posts. Not when you edit previously published posts, as WordPress does by default.

This plugin also fixes an issue with the default extended ping programming in Wordpress and pre-2.1 versions of Smart Update Pinger (it now includes the url of the new post).

NB: this list is synchronized with the original update services list.

Separate multiple service URIs with line breaks:

Ping log

These are the last 100 actions performed by the plugin. In reverse chronological order for easier reading (latest ping first).

'; SUP_get_last_log_entries(500); echo '

'; } # telling WordPress to ping if the post is new, but not if it's just been edited function SUP_ping_if_new($id){ global $wpdb, $post_title; $SUP_output_log="\t─────\n"; $SUP_ping_result=''; $forcedpings = false; if(get_option('SUP_ping') == 1 && trim(get_option('ping_sites')) != ""){ # fetches data directly from database; the function "get_post" is cached, and using it here will get the post as is was before the last save $row = mysql_fetch_array(mysql_query( // "SELECT post_date,post_modified,post_title,guid FROM $wpdb->posts WHERE id=$id")); "SELECT post_date,post_modified,post_title FROM $wpdb->posts WHERE id=$id")); # if time when created equals time when modified it is a new post, otherwise the author has edited/modified it if(!$row["post_title"]){ $SUP_output_log=strftime("%D %T")."\tNOT Pinging services (ERROR: YOU HAVE FORGOTTEN TO ENTER A POST TITLE) ...\n".$SUP_output_log; }else{ if($row["post_date"] == $row["post_modified"]){ $SUP_output_log=strftime("%D %T")."\tPinging services (New normal post: “".$row["post_title"]."”) ...\n".$SUP_output_log; $SUP_output_log=SUP_ping_services($forcedpings,get_permalink($id)).$SUP_output_log; # Try commenting the line above, and uncommenting this line below if pinging seems to be out of order. Please notify the author if it helps! # generic_ping(); }else{ // Post has been edited or it's a future post // If we have a post title it means that we are in the normal WP loop and therefore it was an edit (not a future post) if($post_title){ $SUP_output_log=strftime("%D %T")."\tNOT Pinging services (Existing post was edited: “".$row["post_title"]."”) ...\n".$SUP_output_log; }else{ $SUP_output_log=strftime("%D %T")."\tPinging services (New timestamped post: “".$row["post_title"]."”) ...\n".$SUP_output_log; $SUP_output_log=SUP_ping_services($forcedpings,get_permalink($id)).$SUP_output_log; # Try commenting the line above, and uncommenting this line below if pinging seems to be out of order. Please notify the author if it helps! # generic_ping(); } } } }else{ if (trim(get_option('ping_sites')) != ""){ $SUP_output_log=strftime("%D %T")."\tNOT Pinging services (WARNING: DISABLED BY ADMINISTRATOR)\n".$SUP_output_log; }else{ $SUP_output_log=strftime("%D %T")."\tNOT Pinging services (WARNING: EMPTY PING SERVICES LIST)\n".$SUP_output_log; } } SUP_log($SUP_output_log); } # More or less a copy of WP's "generic_ping" from functions.php, but uses another function to send the actual XML-RPC messages. function SUP_ping_services($forcedpings,$SUP_guid = ''){ $SUP_output_log=''; #$services = get_settings('ping_sites'); #UP - 17.07.07 - get_option is newer/better then get_settings $services = get_option('ping_sites'); $services = preg_replace("|(\s)+|", '$1', $services); // Kill dupe lines $services = trim($services); if ( '' != $services ) { $services = explode("\n", $services); foreach ($services as $service) $SUP_output_log=SUP_send_xmlrpc($forcedpings,$SUP_guid,$service).$SUP_output_log; } return $SUP_output_log; } # A slightly modified version of the WordPress built-in ping functionality ("weblog_ping" in functions.php). # Original version: #function weblog_ping($server = '', $path = '') { #global $wp_version; #include_once(ABSPATH . WPINC . '/class-IXR.php'); #// using a timeout of 3 seconds should be enough to cover slow servers #$client = new IXR_Client($server, ((!strlen(trim($path)) || ('/' == $path)) ? false : $path)); #$client->timeout = 3; #$client->useragent .= ' -- WordPress/'.$wp_version; #// when set to true, this outputs debug messages by itself #$client->debug = false; #$home = trailingslashit( get_option('home') ); #if ( !$client->query('weblogUpdates.extendedPing', get_option('blogname'), $home, get_bloginfo('rss2_url') ) ) // then try a normal ping #$client->query('weblogUpdates.ping', get_option('blogname'), $home); #} # This one uses correct extendedPing format (WP does not), and logs response from service. function SUP_send_xmlrpc($forcedpings,$SUP_guid = '',$server = '', $path = ''){ global $wp_version; $SUP_output_log=''; include_once (ABSPATH . WPINC . 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Khwab S asked:

Hello People…

I am planning to buy a domain name which someone owns it but its getting expired on 10th march. I don’t think that person will renew it as from last 5 years that site shows Under consturction message. So my question is, Will I be albe to buy that domain name on 11th march? Or I need to wait for few months?

Anonymous asked:

What is the cheapest and most reliable site to buy domain names? I don’t yet have my blog, but plan on using blogspot as my host with .blogspot.com in the URL, THEN changing it to my own domain.

hardxcoregamer asked:

I’ve heard of people buying domain names for about 2 dollars.
Oh, and I’ve already purchased web hosting.
- TeNurse


So, I was just wondering what the costs are involved in buying domains. If I were planning on buying a number of different domain names, is it right to think this;

1. You buy an account for a monthly fee (there are different types of accounts)
2. You buy a domain for say a once off $10

Gokhan K asked:

To be able to sell a domain name do I need to buy the domain name in a different way?
I wonder if I just buy a domain name for example from yahoo, can I sell the name to the third party?
Isn’t that simple as buying and selling a car?
What are the important points that I should consider through this buying and reselling procedure?
Thank you very much.

If your devices is lacking after that you end up with an added obstacle when it comes to your commercial and also wholesale circulation. You do have a range of options when it comes to a material handling tools supplier and also if you look long sufficient as well as ask the best concerns you will discover the ideal one for you as well as your service.

It does not matter whether you require to stack items high up or unload things when you are down at the docks, a forklift maker must be able to give the important things you require. There are dock plates that are ranked to hold up to 2700 extra pounds offered if that is something you might need. However, if you only need something to make transportation of your products simpler, there are dollies and also other things for that, also.

There are also forklifts that you can reach handle jobs that people are either incapable to do exactly or if it is a repeated action that can be programed right into the robot. As an example, they can relocate things to other areas neighboring or spray repaint items to complete them up. They are also able to manage a selection of tasks to ensure that your workers can do the more crucial things within your stockroom or storage space areas. They can also consider items that most individuals can not lift up. They are usually a terrific enhancement.

Maybe you just need scales to measure the amount you are putting onto your trucks or the weight of an item before shipping. These are additionally available to you as well as your option in devices should be appropriate for the product as well as the usage you need from it. You need to have the ability to ask the producer and obtain straight up and also straightforward answers concerning the devices that you are thinking about. Doing so, and having them reply to you truthfully, will save you a lot of migraines since you will certainly understand that all of your items are being dealt with correctly.

It should not matter whether you need conveyor belts, storage space equipment, or some other type of engineered system, a forklift dealer producer must have the things you require. If they do not have the ideal type of transfer carts, loading systems or commercial trucks that you need, they should be able and also prepared to help you get the appropriate one for the job at hand.

All stock as well as products need to be taken care of at some point. They ought to recognize the worth of the items within your warehouse and be ready to offer you only with the devices you need within your wholesale or commercial distribution.

Is your storage facility running out of flooring space as well as you require to begin accumulating? A material handling equipment maker can aid you keep more within the space that you have offered. A lot of the time it is not anything that is automated, however instead it consists of shelving products or pallet racking. If you have food stock, the items that you utilize need to be quickly cleaned up which may lead you toward the engineered type systems. Ask the producer which is finest.

When it concerns bulk material managing you have a little bit much more adaptability in your choices. This consists of items such as crushed rock or timber chips which is best taken care of by using lifts, loaders, receptacles, silos as well as even more. If you are dealing with bulk things that are shipped packed as well as delivered loosened, seek advice from your material devices supplier to find whether you require a very large silo or various other devices. This will tell you a great deal about whether they are good to deal with.

Many people believe all-natural rocks were placed on planet to aid us heal with favorable earth’s power in similar manner in which we have other natural resources available to assist us prosper. They believe that by catching that power in a pyramid, and keeping it nearby, we are boosting the favorable feelings that are around us, naturally. In a globe that has actually gone bananas, it can keep us based and secure from the typical daily stress factors that we surround ourselves with.

We can utilize the orgone pyramid whatsoever that you intend to use them, and they will bring positive power your way. Some individuals recommend you leave them positioned in a location that you invest one of the most time, while others recommend you lug them with you as you set about your day. You can keep them in a space where leisure is essential, such as your room; or in locations where you require to be the most productive, like your office.

There are several reasons people intend to have orgone pyramids around them. Orgone pyramid benefits consist of reducing stress, boosting your immunity, enhancing your life, and helps you reach a deeper reflective state. There are additionally those that think that by maintaining them close, it safeguards you from EMF radiation that is all over us. Although many people do not recognize it is there, we have EMF around us. This radiation comes from all the technology that we have actually developed to use for organization or pleasure in this tool driven globe that we reside in.

For the orgonite crystal pyramid to function most effectively, you have to count on its power, at least somewhat. You should additionally take steps to improve your chi naturally. You can do this via getting enough relaxing rest, exercising on a regular basis, consuming a healthy diet plan, as well as doing your part to deal with your general mental wellness. In doing these things, you’ll discover that you feel much better, remain ill less usually, as well as get to a point where you simply go with the circulation regardless of what life may send your way. Isn’t that the goal most of us have for ourselves in our daily life where we invest the majority of our time feeling as though we should do more?

The orgonite crystal pyramid is based upon research by Austrian psychoanalyst Dr. Wilhelm Reich. He thought that by enclosing specific products inside a pyramid, the natural products (resin) would certainly absorb the vital energy while non-organic elements, the steel shavings, would certainly spread it back in all instructions. Since it is all combined in the very same percentages of the Great Pyramids, it capitalizes on the pyramid impact to enhance its power.

There are several sorts of orgone material pyramids readily available. Every one stands for different elements of life. The Tree of Life pyramid has a grounding impact, while the Tiger’s Eye can develop self-confidence. Both may be essential in our individual lives as well as in the office. Heaven Quartz minimizes your feelings of temper, making it excellent if you are undergoing a stressful time as well as may really feel as though you have a sensitivity when handling coworkers or family members. The Obsidian shields you from negative energies while guaranteeing you feel secure as well as based, making it a fantastic all-round crystal pyramid from Cosless.com.

An orgone resin pyramid is, by design, a healing piece of artwork that can minimize the anxiety that you really feel simply trying to survive the day. Just how it functions is simple. Each pyramid has quartz crystals, steels, gemstones, as well as material, which levels out earth’s energy, which is after that spread right into the globe. As it’s dispersed around us, it can maintain us even more centered, regardless of what we are taking care of throughout the day.

In today’s globe, any individual can experience favorable orgone pyramid benefits by recording a bit of earth’s power on your own. The benefits of doing so will be recognizable when you really feel extra secure and also quicker able to unwind at the end of your day, regardless of how many gadgets border you at work, at home, or as you take a trip via your city. Isn’t it time for you to locate the peace that planet offers to us, naturally?

This assists to make sure that your youngster won’t face a challenge as well challenging for them. That helps to keep them from getting inhibited, which might create them to intend to give up the course. No kid intends to be tossed right into a job too large from them so that they fall short. We constantly set the class prepares up in a way that prevents that from occurring.

When your kid desires to sign up for a kids ballet Singapore course, you are going to desire to recognize what to expect. You may fret that the class will be as well challenging, or that your youngster may obtain injured.

A child that spends their time dance is going to develop muscular tissue mass and also strength. Mentally, your child will certainly enjoy advantages.

There are lots of advantages to registering your child in a ballet class. They will obtain not only positive self-image and esteem yet also stamina too. Being in a course such as this is a healthy and balanced choice, both physically as well as emotionally, to produce your youngster.

You shouldn’t have to stress that the curriculum will be as well hard for your kid. In fact, when they start, we will put them at an overall beginner level. It will not be until they have proven that they prepare to go on to the following degree that they will certainly be allowed to do so.

When your kid shows they are ready to proceed to the following job, it reveals that they know just how to dance safely. This is a huge point, since they can harm themselves if they attempt to do something they’re not prepared for. We show children to do things safely, which aids maintain them from injury.

Safety is the leading top priority for a class filled with youngsters. No person ever wishes to see your kid do something that can harm them. That’s another factor we set the curriculum up the way it is.

When your kid wants to be part of a kids ballet Singapore class, there actually is no reason to tell them no. It’s enjoyable, risk-free, and also healthy and balanced for them to be a part of this amazing sporting activity.

When you have a tiny package, it can be enjoyable to dress them up. Some people delight in dressing them as tiny adults in fits and pretty dresses, while others like to focus clothes on the things that make humor of the "infant side of things". You likewise have the moms and dads that reveal a bit of their own character in the clothes that their infant uses. They are individuals who will like Star Wars infant clothes.

Star Wars baby clothes are enjoyable, and they feature all your favorite characters. Some of the pants and shirt sets likewise have galaxy design pants to more contribute to the total style. Even if they do not have actually the brilliantly colored worlds and galaxies, they can still have the white stars on a dark background. It will be like checking out the window of the spacecraft. They can become your preferred outfit for your infant and maybe one that your baby will love when they are big enough to understand that their preferred television program is now on their clothing.

When it comes to Star Wars infant clothes, everyone can enjoy them. It is much better than the "standard" baby clothing and will guarantee that your infant gets all the smiles from the people who see them.

Star Wars clothing for children and kids are popular items. Kids enjoy using these clothing, however their moms and dads are maybe a little happier about it than their kids. There are many different clothes alternatives offered that you might possibly put your child in a different outfit every day of the week and have them all be connected to your all-time favorite motion picture.

Would you choose Star Wars clothing by Cosless.com with Jedi on it or would you choose that it discuss the "Storm Pooper"? With enjoyable child clothing that are Star Wars themed, you can pick whatever you want. There are even onesies that state, "Welcome to the Dark Side" on the behind and those that declare the baby is, "The Force that Awakens You." Which will you pick for your kid?

" Size Does Not Matter" when it concerns Star Wars and it also does not matter when it concerns Star Wars child clothing. Your infant can use these baby clothes up until they are two-three years of ages, however, this does depend upon your child’s size. Sometimes, you may want to pick bigger sizes so that your infant will have the ability to wear them longer.

Star Wars infant clothes are not something that is brand-new, however they will continue to be a popular option for Star Wars fans. As your child leaves the child things behind, you will still have plenty of big kid clothes to choose from. There are pajama sets, good t-shirts, amusing shirts, trendy pants, and far more to select from for older toddlers and school aged kids. There are also many fun alternatives for the grownups to wear if they want to. Star Wars makes anything possible and no matter how old you are, you can still be a "force" to be considered.

Star Wars infant clothes permit you to dress your infant in clothing that you may just wish that you were able to use for yourself. You can choose whatever you like in an effort to transform your infant into a lifelong fan.

" Size Does Not Matter" when it comes to Star Wars and it likewise does not matter when it comes to Star Wars baby clothing. Your child can wear these child clothes until they are two-three years old, nevertheless, this does depend on your baby’s size. It is better than the "standard" baby clothing and will ensure that your infant gets all the smiles from the people who see them.

Star Wars baby clothing allow you to dress your infant in clothes that you may just wish that you were able to wear for yourself. They can become your favorite outfit for your child and maybe one that your child will enjoy when they are huge enough to know that their favorite tv show is now on their clothes.

You can also contact freight forwarding trade associations and examine to see if your prospective freight forwarders are signed up with them. In Singapore, the Singapore Logistics Association (SLA) has more than 440 signed up members which are involved in the logistics and freight forwarding market. Selecting a freight forwarder registered with such association can help provide you assurance.

Selecting a trustworthy freight forwarding companies in Singapore like https://www.megaton.com.sg is really crucial in making sure that its operations go smoothly and efficiently when it comes to any import-export service. In your look for the most suitable freight forwarder, substantial looking into will be helpful considering that there are a lot of alternatives for you to pick from. When it comes to making choices on freight forwarding activities, there is merely no space for mistake.

You should likewise take in consideration the network of agents that the freight forwarder Singapore company has. Ideally, they need to strong relations with agents internationally, especially in countries that are your business’s target audience. This would help make sure that the freight forwarding business will be able offer you with thorough and dependable services all the time.

When it comes to any import-export business, picking a reputable freight forwarder Singapore business is really important in making sure that its operations go smoothly and effectively. The freight forwarder Singapore company you will be choosing need to be one that is well-known for its efficiency history in freight forwarding operations. You can also get in touch with freight forwarding trade associations and examine to see if your prospective freight forwarders are signed up with them.

Preferably, freight forwarding companies in Singapore you are trying to get is that which can offer you the most comprehensive and most reliable range of logistics services at the most competitive rates. It would be an excellent idea for you to make a shortlist of your prospective freight forwarders, and then narrowing them down based on the requirements and requirements of your business.

The freight forwarder Singapore company you will be selecting ought to be one that is popular for its performance history in freight forwarding operations. Their shipment-tracking methods, client service, and insurance policies are likewise among the essential aspects you think about when choosing a freight forwarding representative. Examining evaluations about a specific freight forwarding business can also help you assess your options also.

Your option of freight forwarder Singapore business need to be those that have the experience and competence in the freight forwarding industry that would allow them to provide your particular needs and requirements, and have the ability to make sure the security of your items from the minute it leaves the storage facility until it reaches your clients. They must also be educated about the import/export policies of a particular nation they deliver into.

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Maternal Clothes Can Make You Look Great with a Baby Bump

When expecting, you are worthy of to seem like the diva you are. You are a woman doing one of the most feminine point that can be done. Because of this, if for nothing else, you ought to have the ability to place on your favorite clothes. You should be able to run tasks in [...]

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