How to buy a domain name?



So, I was just wondering what the costs are involved in buying domains. If I were planning on buying a number of different domain names, is it right to think this;

1. You buy an account for a monthly fee (there are different types of accounts)
2. You buy a domain for say a once off $10



you have to pay a fixed amount for the domain and a fixed price for its. But make sure to do proper research before you go for any host because service matters and if you want to switch at a later stage then it may be quite complicated.

Matthew Smith

There are so many websites which provides the this type of facility you can contact one of them and register your domain easily.
I you want to do buy make a single call only then contact us at or send your query at

Ben May

If you buy one for about $10 then you can be given instructions on where to point your nameservers. Don’t worry they’ll tell you exactly what to do and how to do it. I’ve done it with Go Daddy before and it was easy.


You could try a website builder service that gives you a website, hosting and allows you to get a custom domain. is one option – there’s a pricing page that will go over the free and paid features.


If you don’t have a web host yet; then it will be a great idea to sign up for one first. Most hosts now offer a free domain when you sign up with them for web hosting. That way, you won’t have to pay for a domain. You just pay the monthly fee for hosting. Signing up for those type of packages can help you save money. Check out — Just Host is a reliable web host that offers high quality services at an affordable price.

Hope this has helped. Good Luck.

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