What is the best place to buy a domain name without spending a lot of money?


spiritwolf_11 asked:

I’m trying to buy a domain name with at least 4 – 6 webpages within it. Something that would be easy to setup because neither me or my business partner know html or any code for that matter. We are either looking for a business or personal domain name to buy.



YAHOO (of course) – Yahoo also provides a site builder – very easy to use and you can pay as little as $10.00 a month!


If you have access to Valid Credit Card YAHOO! is a good choice.
It has useful site managing software.


hm.. all the prices are about the same, 10 $ for domain and hosting is another 5-10 $ , this is a basic setup and really most of the hosting is the same,i would also recommend you Google pages, its a great service where u can build your website without any knowledge in html and then buy a domain and simply link it to ur Google pages page . good luck


To begin with, a domain name is simply a name that directs people to your website storage! In other words, you dont need a domain name to have a website! You need storage space! After the site is functioning and online, then you can purchase a domain name.


Means you are not looking for a domain name but a developed website. Try and find some forums where people sell their websites.

There is the marketplace in there go and post that you need this kind of websites and someone who already have this kind of website might answer you. And then both the parties can have a deal.

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