I wanna buy domain name which someone owns but its getting expired next month?


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Hello People…

I am planning to buy a domain name which someone owns it but its getting expired on 10th march. I don’t think that person will renew it as from last 5 years that site shows Under consturction message. So my question is, Will I be albe to buy that domain name on 11th march? Or I need to wait for few months?


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It sounds like you should, I think there are companies out there that you can go through that can try to get the site for you, If under construction messages were on the site, they are either really not using it or maybe holding on to it for some reason. Hope this helps…


i don’t know much about this, so this might not be helpful, ahh.
but i would email the person who currently owns it and just see if you can take over.

sorry if that was lame and useless. =/


I think you need to wait more, about 45 days after it expires, but I’m not completely sure. If you didn’t know there is a website where you can find only expired domains. This is the link:



If the domain is allowed to expire the domain is put in the on-hold status and will stop functioning, and the site that uses this domain will appear to be down.

During the on-hold status, the domain can still be renewed at normal renewal rates by the owner. The on-hold status duration varies between registrars.

Then if still not renewed it will go into the redemption period which lasts for 30 days at all registrars during which the previous owner can still renew. Usually renewal costs are larger than a general renewal rate.

Pending Delete status is the final status prior to release of a domain name. This status follows the redemption period and lasts up to 5 days.

Few domains actually enter the pending delete period if they are any good.They are placed into an auction by the registrar and only if there are no bids do they eventually drop. Typically 45 days after expiration.

There are numerous drop catching services like expireddomains.com

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