How to buy domain name and check for avaiblity?

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Corporate mafia serving since 1776 asked:

I want to know how to effin buy a domain name or site name wtf ever its called.And how do i check if one is not already owned by someone.Im going to have a news article type site.

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Yes it’s a domain name you are looking for, one of the three elements need to build a website (the other two being hosting and the actual coded pages of your site)
Anybody selling domains will have a little box where you can enter the name and check if it is available – many of them will also offer alternatives including whether the domain is available with a different extension (.com or .info .net etc…).
I use GoDaddy and 1and1 – you can see what I mean by a check box in this example, there is a 1and1 internet check box here:

*update* just checked and… ‘’ is available…

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