Gokhan K asked:

To be able to sell a domain name do I need to buy the domain name in a different way?
I wonder if I just buy a domain name for example from yahoo, can I sell the name to the third party?
Isn’t that simple as buying and selling a car?
What are the important points that I should consider through this buying and reselling procedure?
Thank you very much.

hardxcoregamer asked:

I’ve heard of people buying domain names for about 2 dollars.
Oh, and I’ve already purchased web hosting.

Corporate mafia serving since 1776 asked:

I want to know how to effin buy a domain name or site name wtf ever its called.And how do i check if one is not already owned by someone.Im going to have a news article type site.

javier_barbieri asked:

Im looking for a reliable, and affordable place to buy my domain name and my hosting as well, of course I need that site to support PHP & MYSQL as well. Any suggestions? Thanks in Advance.

HailFire Peaks asked:

I’ve always bought domain names from the same site that hosts my site. But if I buy a domain from godaddy.com, how would I make it go to my website thats hosted on another site? Can you do it from the godaddy website? I just want to know if its complicated or not.


So, I was just wondering what the costs are involved in buying domains. If I were planning on buying a number of different domain names, is it right to think this;

1. You buy an account for a monthly fee (there are different types of accounts)
2. You buy a domain for say a once off $10

spiritwolf_11 asked:

I’m trying to buy a domain name with at least 4 – 6 webpages within it. Something that would be easy to setup because neither me or my business partner know html or any code for that matter. We are either looking for a business or personal domain name to buy.

Sear.A asked:

I have an alertpay account, and i want to buy domain name by using it, now i want you to give me a site where they accept payment by using alertpay account.